Factors such as social changes and an overcrowded market of providers have an enormous impact on the chain and require change. As a result, the food industry is expected to have a high degree of flexibility by looking ahead and responding quickly.

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drukke straat met verschillende mensen, wat diversiteit en een multiculturele samenleving en maatschappij weergeeft

Responding to social changes

To be able to make the right decisions in a timely manner organization and process, insight is needed social developments.

Verschillende soorten rassen champignons en paddenstoelen

Substantiate healthier food

It is due to a growing demand for healthier food essential for the food industry to respond to trends such as Nutri-Score and clean label. 

Sustainability Development Goals

Do business responsibly

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware and attach greater importance to transparency, resulting in detailed legislation on packaging, origin, processes and product improvements.

business development en markt potentieel memo of post-it

Provide direction to strategic goals

This requires a clear plan for streamlining sales, marketing and NPD processes.  

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Sharp positioning

Lamb Weston: ''Help us to position our vision of potato products in retail more clearly."

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Everyday Ice Cake

Boermarke: “Develop and introduce completed new business concepts for retail and/or food service.”

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