Our approach

Our approach is based on the characteristics of a real studio.

The Foodatelier has: four areas of expertise with which we further help food & agri companies. Our approach for these expertises is based on the characteristics of a real studio. We see our customers' issues as a kind of jigsaw puzzle, with important pieces of the puzzle often largely unknown or even requiring a completely new approach.


The devil is in the details. Because although processes in food & agri often have similarities, there are always specific differences between products, markets and organizations. Providing customization is therefore essential. We guarantee this through our extensive expertise in combination with our established track record.

Strong commitment

Strong involvement is one of our most important characteristics. When working on complex, specific issues, a long-term relationship is what makes the difference. References can of course be requested, or see the page with inspiring cases.

Specific expertise

Extensive knowledge of the chain, market, product and process determines the quality of our work. We use our expertise to shape strategy, plan and implementation. It goes without saying that our people have built up extensive experience in various positions within the food and agricultural market.


We set the highest standards for the quality of our work and only settle for a 10+ experience with our customers. This is also where Het Foodatelier's signature lies: clear plans and a concrete translation from the large amount of knowledge, data sources and developments for all stakeholders.

Meet our team

With over 20 years of experience with clients from the entire chain, we can guarantee customization!

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