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Specialist in business development

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Business and strategy

Development and implementation of strategic (growth) plans.

Market and consumer

Market research, explorations, product scans and data analyses.

Marketing and sales

Support in sales, (trade) marketing and product management.


Support in complex or strategic NPD projects.

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We’ve been helping our clients in the food and agricultural market by driving innovation, in capitalising on new market opportunities, and in the development of future-proof business models.

Our approach stands out due to its high quality, customisation and our strong commitment to the client. Combined with specialised knowledge of the food and agriculture market, this lays the foundation for effective business development.


The protein transition brings opportunities and challenges
The protein transition, the shift from animal to vegetable proteins, can no longer be denied due to the growing attention to sustainability, health and animal welfare among consumers and policymakers.
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The market increasingly values health
Health is a crucial topic for companies in the food industry. Partly due to the growing demand for healthier options and changes in regulations regarding transparency and nutritional value.
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Digitalization and AI in the food industry
Digitalization and AI improve efficiency, innovation and customer satisfaction in the food industry through supply chain optimization, consumer behavior prediction and personalized marketing.
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Our agricultural clients can make a real difference in (new) business development. In a rapidly changing world, it is crucial to look ahead and anticipate themes such as the shift towards alternative proteins, sustainability and adapting to changing regulations. Read more >

Ingredient and raw material suppliers are essential to the food supply chain, forming the basis for innovative food applications. The key challenge is recognising the potential value of these developments and to invest in them at an early stage. Read more >

Changes in society and an overcrowded market with competition have a huge impact on the food chain. This demands change! As a result, a lot of flexibility and quick responses are expected from manufacturers, especially those of private labels. Read more >

More than ever, cooperatives and branch organisations are challenged by their own members to address questions related to important economic and societal themes that directly affect the day-to-day operation of their members. Read more >

Investors, banks and accountants enable growth and innovation for manufacturers, and to make well-considered decisions… datasets and key figures are essential! Having access to specific strategic interests and informal practices is even more valuable, and that's where we can assist! Read more >

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