Cooperatives and branche organisations

Cooperatives and trade organizations are challenged more than ever by their members to provide answers to major economic and social issues that impact their members' business operations.

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Verse, gezonde tomaten verpakt in dozen, gereed voor transport naar distributiecentrum van supermarkten

Reflect and anticipate changes

Understanding what's going on in the food world requires a renewed approach and approach for companies within food and agricultural chains. 

overzicht van peulvruchten in jutezak, die bijdragen aan eiwittransitie

Discover new business models

Gathering market insights results in identification of opportunities and possibly the (re)design of business plans that go beyond the traditional approach.

Lokaal geteelde mungbonen uit Nederland die bijdragen aan de eiwittransitie en duurzaamheid

Becoming part of ecosystems

Creating partnerships is essential create added value within the chain.

teelt van lokale koolzaadolie

Respond proactively to protein transition and sustainable revenue models

Be aware of developments within the protein transition offers an organization market opportunities and strengthening competitive position.

Brassica rapeseed oil

Colzaco: “Develop a business plan for Colzaco in which its own rapeseed is converted into a higher-quality result for the association.”

Cheese chips

Cono cheese makers: “Develop cheese chips with our Beemster cheese, with easy eating and where it is both technically and financially feasible.”

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