Our expertise

The Foodatelier has four areas of expertise with which we help our customers. We take into account current and important themes such as the protein transition, sustainability, health and digitalization.

Business and strategy

Development and implementation of strategic (growth) plans.

We believe that small changes can lead to growth and improvement. But according to a practical, step-by-step approach and always substantiated by different insights from the customer, market and consumer.

Continuously examining your (product) portfolio is necessary in a crowded market. Based on various insights, we work with you to create a clear portfolio strategy in which the role of each product is clear.

In our work we often see that customers only substantiate important choices regarding category plans with factual insights, such as rotation, indexes and shrinkage. But how does the consumer view the shelf? Which social developments influence her purchasing, cooking and eating behavior? We look at the category from different angles, because this is the only way we can arrive at relevant category visions together with you and go that extra mile.

Continuous insight into the market is fundamental to recognize and seize future-proof opportunities. Our analyzes give you insights and tools to tackle the most promising and strategically appropriate investment opportunities.

Investors, banks and accountants make growth, innovation and resilience possible. Data sets and key figures are important to make well-considered decisions. It is much more difficult to identify strategic interests and informal working methods.

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Marketing and sales

Support in sales, (trade) marketing and product management.

Navigating a crowded marketplace, rapid changes in consumer preferences and complex regulations can be challenging. We work with you on a strategic sales approach, from customer acquisition and retention to optimization of sales presentations and channels.

In the rapidly changing digital world, we support retailers and manufacturers in aligning their supply chain and offering for growth, through an effective account-based sales strategy and attractive content. Our step-by-step (online) approach helps strengthen relationships with existing customers and build new connections with prospects.

With our experience in new business development, we help you carry out work in the field of trade and/or marketing management. With our years of experience in the food industry, we know better than anyone how to convince your customers in retail or food service.

The food industry is dynamic and requires manufacturing companies to respond proactively in the development process, and to have strategic planning around product launches, marketing and distribution. We help you implement strategic choices.


Support in complex or strategic NPD projects.

We combine consumer insights and practical knowledge to develop innovative solutions that are relevant to our customers. We help them with specialist product improvement or optimization, testing product samples and preparing them for scale-up to industry.

Taking into account the organization's strategic goals, and with an eye for important social themes such as plant-based, circularity and clean label.

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drukke straat met verschillende mensen, wat diversiteit en een multiculturele samenleving en maatschappij weergeeft

Market and consumer

Continuously mapping developments in the economy, society, market and consumers.

Continuous development is essential in a crowded market. This requires insight into market trends, consumer behavior, competitive dynamics and growth potential. 

In our data-driven scans we look at the performance of categories and products, the position of competitors, prices and customer preferences.

We offer practical solutions and data-driven recommendations for your company based on hard data. With our knowledge of the chain, we can interpret such data correctly and integrate it into sharp sales pitches or other presentations.

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