About us

The Foodatelier has been the specialist in business development in Food & Agri since its founding in 2000.​

We help our clients to look beyond their daily work, support them in making the right strategic decisions and translate this into concrete plans. Our business development approach is aimed at innovation in emerging and existing markets. We create value in products and markets, and develop future-proof business models

The Foodatelier consists of an enthusiastic team of colleagues, in which everyone has his or her own interest, passion and/or practical experience in food. This We believe this is essential for the right fit in the team and for the right fit with our customers.

The team

Loes Eilander
Business Development Manager

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Robert Oude Luttikhuis
Business Development Manager

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Marc Oude Luttikhuis
Founding Partner

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Tessa Beusink
Food Marketer

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Anne Ardts
Product manager

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Jelle Wagenaar
Product developer

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Digital Food Factory

The Digital Food Factory is the home of Het Foodatelier, DiDutch and MetaChef. Three companies that strengthen each other based on their own expertise and shared passion for food and technology.

The Digital Food Factory is located in the water tower of the former Menko textile factory, in the historic Roombeek district of Enschede.

DiDutch is an industrial design agency with a specific focus on food, lifestyle & mobility. They develop products, packaging and process solutions for their clients that really matter. Always paying attention to social issues and high-quality design, this is what they call care for design.

MetaChef is a software company that provides 3D products and solutions for education, marketing and research. Their solutions are used in interactive teaching materials, sales presentations, online marketing and product development. Customers get access to one online platform, so everything can be used anytime, anywhere.

Our partners

In order to recognize and seize the right business opportunities together with our customers, we work together with key partners in the food industry on specialist issues. They can support us, and therefore our customer, in various projects and questions