“Develop new business concepts for retail and food service.”

Boermarke saw that there was a fierce battle between competitors in both retail as food service. To remain relevant in today's times, she thought it is therefore necessary to develop well-thought-out concepts in order to grow further. The Foodatelier was asked to to give substance to well-thought-out new business concepts, in which the initial focus was on the frozen category.

Our approach

The Foodatelier was involved from A to Z in the development of the concept Everyday Ice cake. First are various market analyses carried out, to subsequently develop concept propositions, develop different flavors and mixes on a kitchen scale, taste and use tests and develop and secure patents for the brand and packaging. Finally, there is a complete introductory campaign delivered. 

  • Product development
  • Sales management
  • Product propositions
  • Consumer insights
  • Market analyses
  • Product-market combinations

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