Mung bean project

“How can we grow and process mung beans in the Netherlands into high-quality raw material for vegetable applications?"

The food industry has been developing plant-based meat substitutes based on soy or peas for some time now. It turns out how difficult it is to do this meat substitutes attractive, tasty and healthy enough. The mung bean is potentially attractive protein alternative; it has an above-average protein content, excellent taste and is non-allergenic. However, they are grown in Asia and transported over great distances.

Our approach

We are investigating whether mung beans can be grown and processed in the Netherlands. We do this together with Trustgreen, Meiland Azewijn, Huuskes and Coöperatieve Zuivelonderneming. The project focuses on the entire chain; from cultivation, protein extraction to the development of new products based on mung beans.  

The mung bean project is part of one of our field labs.