Sonneveld Group

“How can we, as a raw material supplier, get a seat at the retail table in the Netherlands?”

Sonneveld is an international company that has been developing innovative bakery solutions for and with its customers for years, with the aim of creating value to the entire chain and to the customer in particular. Sonneveld had the ambition to claim its own position within with its baking products retail The Netherlands. We have drawn up a category plan together with them for this purpose.

Our approach

Based on an initial intervision with Sonneveld's sales team, we determined the direction for the category plan (who is Sonneveld and what can she do, which retailers are important, which product categories are we talking about). Next is the market, the competitor, the range and the consumer analyzed in order to translate these insights into a clear vision on the shelf, including a suitable category plan for Sonneveld.

  • Category product scan
  • Market exploration
  • Product propositions
  • Consumer insights
  • Category plan

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