About us

We are working with
enthusiasm and dedication
on innovative and
challenging plans.

About us

We are experts in new business in food. New starts with us from a strategic approach. Everything necessary for a sharp strategy or the development of a new concept we have in-house. Our expertise lies within all branches of the food supply chain: from agricultural to retail and food service. In addition, all colleagues have their own specialization in the field of concept development, marketing, NPD, insights and/or packaging. We can therefore offer absolute commitment to all our client projects.

Innovation is a profession


A well thought-out plan
from a real motivation is
the only thing that counts
for us.


Together with our clients we work on everything that has to do with new. This always starts with strategy, and then this translates into concrete product propositions and new concepts. Preferably from the very first real question to proof of concept – and where possible – up to and including introduction.

Working on things that are not there at the moment, that’s our strength.

Strategy new business

Growth strategy from the company

New business is never a goal in itself. For us it always starts with these two important questions; where does the company want to go and what is its main goal? The answer to these questions is developed together with our client through the use of our own compiled programs:

  • Innovation sprints
  • Scorecards
  • Design thinking program
Insights & Research

Trends, market data and consumer research

You cannot develop new concepts without insight. Insights from hard and soft data and trends are essential to arrive at well-thought-out solutions. For this we use different formats, where each format can provide different insights.

  • Market exploration B2B/B2C
  • Qualitative consumer research
  • Online panel research (our own panel)
  • Food Monitor online & social insights and trends (e.g. CBS, Nielsen & Trendmonitor)
New business concepts

Clear propositions from the business case

To be truly successful with something new, a correct market approach based on strategy and insight is decisive. We write a clear-cut marketing strategy, developed from need, relevance market & product. Depending on the demand, different formats are used:

  • Concept development & propositions
  • Culinary, technological NPD & process
  • Marketing & communication
  • Stage gate end-to-end: strategy to market


Insights food monitor

Get insights for new businesss

We do not look solely at the category of current business. We can learn a lot from other product categories and (international) markets. It is precisely these insights that help us to look at something new in a different way. For this we use internal and external sources.

Insights. Summary of the most important insights into three categories of choice.

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Involve the consumer at an early stage

Do you want to submit your product idea or concept to the consumer? Ask questions to your target group and come to insights and deeper motives and needs of the consumer.

Online panel. One-pager with results & recommendations for your idea/concept.
Focus group. Report with findings regarding your concept.

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Business modelling

Make plans for the future

New business never starts immediately with a new product, but always with a new plan. For this we take a broad look at the client, (desired) strategy, market, consumer, competition and objectives.

Innovation sprint. Intervision meetings with a strategic roadmap in new business as the end result.

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Our team

ROBBERT OUDE LUTTIKHUISProject Manager specialisation Concept & Product
ELSE GIESENProject Manager specialisation Market & Food Chain
JORIEN EULDERINKProject Manager specialisation Marketing & Communication
MARIANA GELICI – ZEKOProject Manager specialisation Consumer Research
LOES EILANDERProject Manager specialisation Design & Communication
MARC OUDE LUTTIKHUISDirector strategy & new business
ROB WILLEMSENStrategist new business
MARK TUKKERCulinary Chef
JONNIE BOERNon-executive Chief
ROLPH DROSTEConsumption Sociologist



Hulsmaatstraat 41
7523 WB Enschede

Prinzessinenstrabe 19-20
D-10969 Berlijn