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Since 2000, Het Foodatelier has been working on new business & innovation in food; across the entire food chain! From agro to industry, retail, foodservice, and (food) education. We therefore offer absolute involvement, with all our customers and in every project. The team consists of 7 colleagues, each with his or her own expertise in food so that all specializations are in-house.

Together with sister companies DiDutch & Digital Chef, the Foodatelier is located in the former Menko building in Roombeek (Enschede) since 2021. The place where food & technology come together and the home base for our Digital Food Factory. Together with them, we offer a full-service approach to new business in digital food; from strategy & concept development to 3D visualizations & packaging design.

Digital Chef

Digital Chef helps developers, marketers and teachers & trainers to explain their story even better with the help of 3D visualizations. Short time-to-market, more experience and lower costs: one image, a thousand possibilities.

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DiDutch focuses on product & package design in food, lifestyle & mobility. Creating added value for the customer and end-user is their starting point. Three elements are decisive in the approach of DiDutch: design, ease of use & durability. They design & develop products and packaging that are truly relevant; value by design.

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Bosuilstraat 11 (Menko building)
7523 BJ Enschede
The Netherlands

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